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 2nd Annual "Symposium on Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine"

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ICVBM home to new 3D Bioprinter

1st Academic installation of
KENZAN Technology in the US

givenow.jpg  The Indiana Center for Vascular Biology and Medicine (ICVBM) is committed to being a leader in research in understanding mechanisms of vascular wellness and disease, and the acceleration of the development of leading-edge medical therapies to improve the care of patients with vascular problems.

Clinical trials to help with
poor leg circulation and heart failure
Directed by Keith March, M.D., Ph.D., the ICVBM includes more than  40 investigators from a range of basic as well as clinical disciplines, and is thus well-positioned to approach vascular research and development from a highly cross-disciplinary perspective. This faculty, as well as the staff and students, work together as a team to complete the primary mission of rapid development and extension to clinical application of new interdisciplinary research in vascular biology, with a key emphasis placed upon reaching patients as quickly as possible by the application of the ongoing developments of gene, molecular, cell- and device-based therapies.

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