Cardiovascular Ischemia and Vasculogenesis Core

The Cardiovascular Ischemia and Vasculogenesis Core (CIVC) is based in the Center for Vascular Biology and Medicine.  CIVC was established to provide investigators in the community with essential research resources to support preclinical studies that employ various rodent cardiovascular disease models for generating physiological data or for testing experimental compounds, molecules, cells or devices.  CIVC renders services by either conducting user-defined experiments or training researchers to perform specialized procedures.  CIVC personnel possess a high level of expertise with a wide variety of model systems and techniques and use this knowledge to advise investigators as to the appropriateness and applicability of each model or technique to the desired experimental outcome.  Animal models, diagnostic analyses and surgical services include ischemic heart and peripheral limb models, invasive and non-invasive diagnostics, animal instrumentation and preparation of tissues for pathology.  It is the policy of this core that all investigators who use the services of CIVC, should report on publications and grant support garnered by using CIVC resources annually.  Core use should be acknowledged in peer-reviewed publications.

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Key Personnel:

Robert Bacallao, M.D., Director of ICVBM CIVC
(317) 278-0471

1481 W. 10th St., C3105 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Ph: (317) 988-4976 | Fax: (317) 988-9325